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Published Tuesday, May 25, 2021

We always say that MatchBOX is a great place to work for just about anyone, but today we’d like to highlight the authors that use the coworking space in Lafayette to write, teach, and more.

Visit any of the links to support local authors and purchase copies of these books.

Justin Morrissette - Gym Tales and Barbells 
"Everyone experiences a new environment at some point in their lives. Bella the barbell was in for a shock when she stepped into the gym for the first time. Even though she feels a little bit blindsided at first, with the help of her new gym equipment friends, she finds her true purpose. Gym Tales and Barbells: Bella’s Journey are perfect books for anyone who is searching to find their purpose in life."

Melissa Fraterrigo - Glory Days 
"In Glory Days Melissa Fraterrigo combines gritty realism with magical elements to paint an arrestingly stark portrait of the painful transitions of twenty-first-century, small-town America. She interweaves a slate of gripping characters to reveal deeper truths about our times and how the new landscape of one culture can be the ruin of another."

Polly Barks - More Than a Plastic Bag
"We all want to be more sustainable – but how? We all know it’s important to reduce our waste – but how? We know we must fix our broken systems – but how? More Than a Plastic Bag is here to answer those questions in a practical, accessible way for environmentalists of every level. Whether you’re taking your first sustainable steps (Beginner), moving beyond the basics (Intermediate), or ready to take action beyond yourself (Advanced), More Than a Plastic Bag is your guide."

Kirsten Serrano - Eat to Your Advantage 
"Marketing messages and gimmicks at the grocery store can lead us to believe that we’re making healthy choices when that often isn’t true. Pull back the curtain on our food supply to discover what food is truly healthy and how to eat to your advantage."

Mike Herzog - Superpower 5.0 
"What if you could tap into an unlimited source of energy and motivation? What if you could bring your very best effort to the projects that matter most to you? What if you could use your unique gifts to their fullest potential, in service to the most important people in your life? What if you had a superpower? There’s no need to wonder. You do have a superpower."

Fellow members:

Revisioning the concept of traditional work environments and moving to a collaborative space has been an amazing opportunity for our organization to remain engaged with our constituents and expand our connections in the community.

—Kitty Campbell

"MatchBOX is helping my company (One Fact) survive and prosper. The affordable space is only the start. It is the connection with the other co-coworkers that is proving helpful. MatchBOX gets a share of credit for any success One Fact sees in 2017!”

—Cortland Starrett

MatchBOX is where I met some of my newest best friends, Amanda, Emily, Matt, Ed, and sometimes Ryan. It's conveniently located near Kathy's candies and a bunch of places to get drinks during lunch. Could use a couple more Pokestops though.

<3 Austin Toombs

MatchBOX has provided an incredible opportunity for getting my work done, collaborating with others (at least 4 projects so far), hosting meetings for organizations I'm part of, and meeting other independent contractors in the area. The feel and ambience of the place just adds to the fabulous workplace -- not to mention the coffee and snacks! I have friends around the country who are jealous of our MatchBox space.

—Johanna Merritt Wu

My Enactus Purdue team got a tour of this studio recently. The environment is outstandingly innovative! Everyone there is incredibly friendly and hospitable and passionate about what they are doing. What a great place to see opportunity in the city of Lafayette!

—Acaimie Catron (from Facebook)

There is such a positive, creative vibe to this space. I participated in Lafayette Writers' Studio events and classes at MatchBOX fall, 2016. It is easy to access, convenient to downtown Lafayette and parking is not difficult in its area of town.

—Sandra B. (from Yelp)