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MBX Update Letter 6.4.2020

Published Thursday, June 4, 2020

To Our MBX Members & Partners, 

We’re sharing some COVID 19 updates and reminders from the coworking studio. 

We’re starting to see more of you in the space! We want to thank you all for being patient, kind, and understanding through all of the changes and phases, and for heeding our safety protocols in the studio. When you wear a mask in the main space, wipe down surfaces, wash your hands, etc., you’re telling us that you care about the wellbeing of the community as a whole. We didn’t expect any less, but we’re also so thankful for a studio of members and partners who understand protecting others. 

We know that #masklife is strange. It feels strange for us too. We’re going to keep kindly reminding you to wear your masks in the main space as we adapt. We think this is likely going to be how we operate for a while, and we’re sure it’ll start to feel normal soon. 

The state of Indiana is in Stage 3 now. That means that the state isn’t mandating against certain things it did in previous stages. While we are staying apprised of these guidelines for reopening, we’re also aware of our specific circumstances. Maintaining social distancing protocol means being cognizant of how many people can safely use the studio. 

We wanted to also remind you remember to book conference rooms that you're using/plan to use. Also, as more of us are using video platforms for meetings, we suggest bringing in an ethernet cable to plug into the gig of fiber directly to minimize potential video disruptions over wifi. We’ve ordered a few cables to have on site for you to borrow, as well, but cannot guarantee availability.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’re doing at MBX…
(This list is subject to change as new information or recommendations become available - changes are denoted in bold)

  • To follow CDC recommendations, we ask that you wear a mask when you’re in the main space of the studio. Please put the mask on before entering, and keep it on while in the main space if you can safely do so. It’s not required once you’re in a conference room.
  • We’ve spaced out all of our tables in the main space, and have limited seats to one per table. Our normally flexible layout will be a little less flexible for a while, as we ask members to not rearrange tables. 
  • We’re limiting the total number of people in the studio to 50. We’ll ask all members to enter and exit only via the 6th Street entrance during this time. 
  • As capacity will be limited and virtual meetings are still recommended, we’re asking that members limit client meetings to not more than 2 non-member clients at a time.
  • Conference room capacities will be minimized to accommodate one person per table. Again, we ask that you not rearrange furniture in any of the conference rooms. Small breakout rooms can accommodate 1 person, medium sized rooms can accommodate 3, and the large room can accommodate 6. Please leave doors to rooms propped open to avoid hands on door handles. 
  • Conference rooms are stocked with small baskets of sanitizer, paper towels, and cleaning solution. Please wipe down surfaces and workspaces before and after use to keep the space clean for other members and yourself. 
  • Staff will be wiping down surfaces throughout the space regularly and encouraging members to use the provided cleaning supplies to wipe down their work spaces before and after use. Please consider wiping down frequently-handled items, such as laptops, phones, bags, etc. as well. 
  • We’re closing the kitchen for a little while. We know this part isn’t fun. Coffee and snacks are awesome, but they’re also risky and we’re trying to remove as many risks as possible. Please refrain from bringing in any shared snacks or foods for now. 
  • We’re begging you to stay home if you’re feeling ill or seeing any potential symptoms of COVID 19. 
  • We politely ask that you ensure a normal temperature (fever-free) before you come into the studio. If you recognize a cough or fever while in the space, please remove yourself out of respect to others.

We are currently working on a rotation, with 1-2 staff members on site every day. Check in with any one of us if you have questions while you’re in the studio or email us anytime. We’re also still hanging out online (and keeping events virtual). Join us in the MBX Members Network and follow our events page to join virtual coffee hour, happy hour, workshops, conversations, and more. 


The MatchBOX Coworking Studio Team

Fellow members:

Revisioning the concept of traditional work environments and moving to a collaborative space has been an amazing opportunity for our organization to remain engaged with our constituents and expand our connections in the community.

—Kitty Campbell

"MatchBOX is helping my company (One Fact) survive and prosper. The affordable space is only the start. It is the connection with the other co-coworkers that is proving helpful. MatchBOX gets a share of credit for any success One Fact sees in 2017!”

—Cortland Starrett

MatchBOX is where I met some of my newest best friends, Amanda, Emily, Matt, Ed, and sometimes Ryan. It's conveniently located near Kathy's candies and a bunch of places to get drinks during lunch. Could use a couple more Pokestops though.

<3 Austin Toombs

MatchBOX has provided an incredible opportunity for getting my work done, collaborating with others (at least 4 projects so far), hosting meetings for organizations I'm part of, and meeting other independent contractors in the area. The feel and ambience of the place just adds to the fabulous workplace -- not to mention the coffee and snacks! I have friends around the country who are jealous of our MatchBox space.

—Johanna Merritt Wu

My Enactus Purdue team got a tour of this studio recently. The environment is outstandingly innovative! Everyone there is incredibly friendly and hospitable and passionate about what they are doing. What a great place to see opportunity in the city of Lafayette!

—Acaimie Catron (from Facebook)

There is such a positive, creative vibe to this space. I participated in Lafayette Writers' Studio events and classes at MatchBOX fall, 2016. It is easy to access, convenient to downtown Lafayette and parking is not difficult in its area of town.

—Sandra B. (from Yelp)