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Skip the Rent, Get a Coworking Membership Instead

Published Thursday, November 14, 2019

We have rapidly been stepping into the era of solopreneurs and virtual workers as traditional offices become less common with every passing day. Coworking spaces are the perfect resource for more flexible workers - and the numbers back that up. Flexible space has been growing at an average annual rate of 23% since 2010.

Coworking spaces have become a lifestyle choice for students, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and executives alike as they start to appreciate the benefits of a shared space over an individual office. 

It’s not only about the space or the cost-savings, but the sheer number of people from different fields and backgrounds that you get to converse, collaborate, and create with. 

Coworking spaces are a great place for you to start your business or grow an existing one. Here's a few reasons why: 

You save a TON of money

20 years ago, if you wanted to run a business, you would typically just rent office space. Now, coworking spaces like MatchBOX offer professional space to emerging businesses. (For real: MatchBOX Basic Membership is only $500/year or $125/quarter!

So, unless you have $50k in your bank account or a comfortable and productive at-home office space to work out of, shared spaces are the way to go.

You work by yourself, but not alone

We talk a lot about how to network without being fake or weird; luckily a coworking space offers you plenty of those natural, non-weird opportunities! As a MatchBOX member, you can get up from your desk and chat with graphic designers, software developers, photographers, etc. whenever you need a break.

Best of all, when you need to be left alone, you can walk back to your desk, pop in some headphones, and no one will disturb you. Win-win. 

You become part of a community

Each coworking space has its own vibe, which cultivates a niche experience to meet the needs and expectations of the community it is built for. MatchBOX is for the entrepreneurs, freelancers, or hobbyists who want to get $h!t done and have a good time while they're at it!

You get the space and support to be your most authentic self around people who will fuel your entrepreneurial goals! We hope you'll join us!

If you would like to expand your network or to take advantage of our shared space, apply to be a part of MatchBOX studio!

Fellow members:

Revisioning the concept of traditional work environments and moving to a collaborative space has been an amazing opportunity for our organization to remain engaged with our constituents and expand our connections in the community.

—Kitty Campbell

"MatchBOX is helping my company (One Fact) survive and prosper. The affordable space is only the start. It is the connection with the other co-coworkers that is proving helpful. MatchBOX gets a share of credit for any success One Fact sees in 2017!”

—Cortland Starrett

MatchBOX is where I met some of my newest best friends, Amanda, Emily, Matt, Ed, and sometimes Ryan. It's conveniently located near Kathy's candies and a bunch of places to get drinks during lunch. Could use a couple more Pokestops though.

<3 Austin Toombs

MatchBOX has provided an incredible opportunity for getting my work done, collaborating with others (at least 4 projects so far), hosting meetings for organizations I'm part of, and meeting other independent contractors in the area. The feel and ambience of the place just adds to the fabulous workplace -- not to mention the coffee and snacks! I have friends around the country who are jealous of our MatchBox space.

—Johanna Merritt Wu

My Enactus Purdue team got a tour of this studio recently. The environment is outstandingly innovative! Everyone there is incredibly friendly and hospitable and passionate about what they are doing. What a great place to see opportunity in the city of Lafayette!

—Acaimie Catron (from Facebook)

There is such a positive, creative vibe to this space. I participated in Lafayette Writers' Studio events and classes at MatchBOX fall, 2016. It is easy to access, convenient to downtown Lafayette and parking is not difficult in its area of town.

—Sandra B. (from Yelp)